Mascot and logo of "MOROYA"
もろやキャラクター・ロゴデザイン 2018 年
I have created the logo, mascot and facility introduction file of the Inn "MOROYA" in Toyama Prefecture.
"MOROYA" is an inn which refurbished the old private house of the architectural style "Azumadachi" of the traditional farm house of Toyama. The logo and the character imagined the characteristic large roof of "Azumadachi" and I designed it with awareness of "a design that welcomes guests warmly.”
I and my client stayed at a this inn for a few days and I created these artworks in this inn.
A big roof peculiar to "Azumadachi" welcomes you.
It is also me who took pictures being used.
At the entrance the signboard I drew welcomes you.

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