I’m a fox at between reality and fantasy. And, I'm a Illustrator in Setouchi Sea, Japan. I love animals fantasy and kawaii things in this world. Please call me "Takefuji".
My history/略歴
I was born in Hyogo Prefecture of Japan in 1991.Now, I living in island at Setouchi sea.I studied contemporary art at Kyoto City University of Arts.
Kyoto City University of Arts is the art university with the longest history in Japan.
After graduating from university, I was engaged in regional revitalization project using art in rural areas of Kyoto for 2 years.
After that, I learned printing and graphic design skills at a printing company. And, I have been working as a freelance illustrator since I was a student.

大阪市立工芸高等学校 ビジュアルデザイン科 卒業
京都市立芸術大学 美術学部 美術学科 構想設計専攻 卒業
What does " 竹藤狐 " mean?
In ancient Japan, it was believed that the fox change into a human being, and lived in human society.Foxs which change into a human being was called " ■■狐 " with familiarity from people.
"狐" pronounces "Kitune". "狐" means "fox" in Kanji. The "■■" part contains the fox's personal name. "竹藤" pronounces "Takefuji". So, " 竹藤狐 " means "Takefuji-fox".
"竹" means "bamboo" in Kanji. "藤" means "wisteria" in Kanji. Both are beautiful plants representing Japan. And it is also my favorite plants.
I have been using the name "Takefuji" for over 10 years.
I think that... "The human world is not beautiful, so we need a beautiful fantasy." And...from ancient times it is believed that fox is an animal that uses a lot of magic in Japan.
That is..... I am a fox and studied the "magic of art" in Kyoto, Japan. And I would like to show you "magic" if you wish.

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