Illustration of Nantan City Bus
京都府南丹市営バスラッピングデザイン 2016 年
Kyoto Prefecture are conducting PR activities in the central area of Kyoto called "Forest Kyoto" from 2016. As part of this "Forest Kyoto" project, I was in charge of the  illustration of the Nantan City bus. 
From Nantan City, I received a request to propose the design with "forest" "chance" "animal" as a key word, and over the course of a month I investigated the area's tradition, the natural environment, the special products, etc. 
and made illustration.
I hope that "You get a nice connection with Nantan city".
So I adopted "Shūgi-bukuro" as a subject of design.
"Shūgi-bukuro" is a paper bag to be used in the celebration of Japan.

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