Pome's ghost orchestra
「おばけ音楽団ポメ」 2019 年〜進行中
"Pome's ghost orchestra" is a creative project that creates a big story by multiple creators.
The stage is the Kingdom "Orgoa" evolved by music, and there was a boy dog named "Pome" in the town "Almerisia" where musical instruments be born. 
Pome goes on a journey of adventure from a unexpected event, and the adventure will solve the mystery of the "ghost" that threatens people...and it develops into a major incident involving of the Orgoa Kingdom...
Takefuji Fox is in charge of managing story draft, illustrations, designs and official sites as a art director, while Ichi Mochiduki, a child literary writer, is in charge of writing. Other guest creators are also invited to create a world view.
A number of stories and artworks are available on the "Pome's ghost orchestra" official site. Please see by all means. I'm sorry. This official site is in Japanese only. But you can see a lot of artwork.

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