いらんこさま 2014年
Every year at Kyoto City University of Arts, my alma mater, holds a special exhibition called "Colors of KCUA"  in Kyoto city. The members of this exhibition consists of several artists who have been selected from university.
In fiscal 2014, I was also nominated by the university and developed an art project with my friend Kanako Shirota.
We raised "There is nothing unnecessary" as our concept.
And we made a artwork using waste materials.
In addition, I made a art book called "IRANKO-SAMA".
"IRANKO-SAMA" is a fictional spirit that embodies our concept.
"IRANKO" means "unnecessary things".
"SAMA" is a title that is given to a great person in Japanese.
We expressed our concept by attaching "SAMA" to "unnecessary things". 

「Colors of KCUA」という企画展を京都市内で開催しています。

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